Ember Jenkins


⧐ They/Them, Agender
⧐ I'm 16 years old (22/07/2005)
⧐ From the UK (White English)
⧐ I have Autism and Social Anxiety
⧐ I study IT at College


Favourites (Currently)

⧐ The Owl House
⧐ Omori
⧐ Hollow Knight
⧐ Deltarune

General Topics

⧐ The LGBTQ+ Community/Issues
⧐ Music (I use Spotify a LOT)
⧐ Gaming (PC)


⧐ The Owl House
⧐ Amphibia
⧐ Stranger Things
⧐ JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
⧐ Helluva Boss
⧐ Invincible
⧐ Arcane
⧐ The Witcher
⧐ The Expanse


⧐ Deltarune
⧐ Omori
⧐ Hollow Knight
⧐ World Of Warcraft
⧐ Terraria
⧐ Destiny 2
⧐ Roblox (Mostly Mad City)
⧐ Five Nights At Freddy's
⧐ The Witcher 3
⧐ Subnautica
⧐ Minecraft

Musical Artists

⧐ Mitski
⧐ Will Wood
⧐ BoyWithUke
⧐ Lovejoy
⧐ Wilbur Soot
⧐ Crywank
⧐ Lemon Demon
⧐ Lemaitre
⧐ Avicii
⧐ Jack Stauber

Content Creators

⧐ Good Mythical Morning
⧐ Danny Gonzalez
⧐ Jarvis Johnson


Progress Flag

Progress Flag
This is the version of the Pride flag I will use most often. In this flag, there are the original 6 rainbow colours, plus a triangle. The triangles colours represent support for oppressed groups. The Black and Brown stripes show support for LGBTQ+ People of Colour. The White, Pink and Blue stripes, the Trans Flag colours, show support for Trans people in the community. This helps show a safe place for Trans and POC individuals within groups.

Non-Binary Flag

Non-Binary refers to someone whose gender does not fall under the Gender Binary of Man and Woman. This is a wide spectrum that can include people who identify with multiple genders, only partially with one gender, fluctuating gender, no gender at all, etc.

Agender Flag

Agender is an identity to describe a lack of gender, or someone who is genderless (Like with Asexual and Aromantic, the A in Agender signifies the lack thereof). It falls under the Non-Binary umbrella.